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Tawan Thai Massage Port Kembla - Authentic Thai Massage Wollongong & Illawarra Area.

Tawan Thai Massage heals the mind, body & spirit through massage therapy. Conveniently located on Illawarra Street Port Kembla, Tawan Thai Massage is Wollongong & the Illawarra's connection to authentic Thai massage. We specialise in the relief of muscle & joint aches & pain, sports injuries, stress & tension relief & massage for pure indulgence & pampering.

Authentic Thai Massage Port Kembla In The Wollongong Area.

Now available in Port Kembla, Thai massage is an ancient form of massage that uses passive stretching & gentle pressure along the body's energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle & joint tension & balance the body's energy systems.

Massage therapy can help with your overall health & wellbeing. Regular treatments can keep you feeling lifted & invigorated. Tawan Thai Massage Port Kembla incorporate massage for ailments & injury as well as massage for relaxation, tension & stress relief.

Our Experienced, Qualified Staff Will Look After You.

An accredited member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS), our team are fully qualified with extensive experience in all aspects of massage therapy including authentic Thai massage, remedial massage & massage for relaxation.

Heath Fund (HICAPS) Rebates Available.

For customers with private health cover for massage therapies, health fund rebates are available at our clinic for many of the leading private health insurance providers, with claims processed on the spot. Please see the pdf on this page for a list of HICAPS participating health funds available now for Remedial Massage Therapists.

An Indulgent Menu Of Massage Treatments.

At Tawan Thai Massage Port Kembla, it's our aim to bring high quality, professional massage services to Wollongong & the Illawarra area. We offer treatments that provide relief, support & comfort to our many customers & treatments that will leave you feeling alive & invigorated when you leave. Our treatments can be one-off or we can develop a tailored treatment plan for you in the event you have problem areas that require ongoing attention.


Our treatment services & a brief overview of each.


· Remedial Massage $80/hour

Remedial massage is the targeted treatment of deep tissue work on a specific area of discomfort. Focusing on relieving muscle tightness, reducing stress & promoting muscle recovery, remedial massage supports the body's own healing capabilities & aids in increasing lymphatic & blood flow circulation to areas of injury. A remedial massage is ideal if you're experiencing neck, shoulder or back pain, headaches or migraines, stress, muscle strain, fatigue or injury.


· Deep Tissue Massage $80/hour

Both corrective & therapeutic, deep tissue massage focuses on deep, targeted treatment of specific muscle groups to realign deep muscle layers & connective tissue. This therapeutic massage technique releases muscular tension & works to restore overall alignment & increase your range of motion. A deep tissue massage also helps to release toxins from muscles & get blood & oxygen circulating correctly while relaxing & soothing the muscles.


· Hot Stone Massage $80/hour

Relax as heated flat stones are placed on key points of your body to stimulate blood & lymphatic circulation, increase cellular activity & lull you in to a deep state of relaxation. This unique variation of classic massage also sees your therapist use these rejuvenating stones to massage your body, harmonising & balancing your central energy flow.


· Hot Oil Massage $75/hour

Ideal for those wanting a firm massage, hot oil massage uses hot oils & balms to relax & loosen muscles creating warmth, tone & nourishing & hydrating the skin. Focusing on specific muscular areas that may be experiencing pain or discomfort, the strong pressure used in this massage technique works to treat the deep layers of muscle & tissue at the source of your problems.


· Aroma Oil Massage $75/hour

Aroma oil massage combines the body's senses of touch & smell. Incorporating selected aromatherapy oils this massage will leave your whole body & mind relaxed & rejuvenated. Aromatherapy massage can help in reducing pain & joint stiffness, relieving stress, tension, headaches & improving your body's circulation.

· Thai + Oil Massage $75/hour

This marriage of traditional Thai massage & oil massage combines the many benefits of both into one therapeutic & relaxing treatment. Similar in style to traditional Thai massage, this technique also uses oils which allow for a much firmer & targeted deep muscle massage.


· Thai Traditional Massage $60/hour

Considered one of the purest forms of full body massage available, Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing art that originated over 2500 years ago which manipulates acupressure points without the use of oil. This massage is very hands-on & combines gentle body stretching to open the meridians & your therapist works using their palm, thumb, elbow, knee & foot pressure to loosen your joints & muscles to stimulate energy.


·  Foot Massage  $60/hour

The feet are a central system for the whole body with pressure zones affecting various body parts & functions. Foot massage uses the art of identifying your pressure zones in your feet & applying just the right amount of pressure to alleviate pain, tension & stress in various parts of your body. Using thumbs, fingers & pressure sticks we access pressure points that stimulate reflex actions throughout your body, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed & invigorated.



Tawan Thai Massage Port Kembla offer gift vouchers for all of our treatments & to any value so the receiver can choose the treatment of their choice. Our gift vouchers are the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Their body, mind & soul will thank you for it!  

Opening Hours:Open 7 Days | 9.30am - 7.00pm
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