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Welcome to our little community known as 'Inner Bliss Kids Yoga'.

Our mission is to help children recognise, accept and appreciate their uniqueness and individuality, not just now in the present time, but also well into their adult lives.

Why should children try yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice that is known for many benefits to adults and children alike. In our busy world, children may feel a wide range of pressures that could be related to school stress and anxiety, competitive sport expectations, low self-esteem and confidence issues, electronic devices usage, social media stress and feelings of inadequacy.

What are the benefits of our yoga classes?

We teach lessons that encourage a vast range of benfits including:

1. Healthy bodies –

• physical strength, flexibility and balance
• lengthening of growing muscles and stabilising of joints
• the development of strong, flexible backs
• spinal alignment and good posture
• energy and stamina
• breathing
• body awareness

2. Healthy minds –

• confidence and positive self-esteem
• concentration, focus and attentiveness
• clarity of the mind for decision making processes
• relaxation and self-control strategies
• anxiety and stress relief

3. Healthy spirits –

• creativity, expression and imagination
• kindness of themselves and others
• respect for oneself and others
• love for oneself – inside and out
• inner strength awareness
• resilience
• positive self-talk
• an appreciation of their own uniqueness, and
• healthy and active lifestyles.

All of our classes are designed to help children feel calm, confident, capable and contented. Our breathing exercises, yoga poses, yoga games, art, music and relaxation activities encourage kids to express their creativity, have fun, make friends and enjoy the experience of yoga. At the same time, children are developing their physical strength, flexibility, stamina, co-ordination and balance.​

We pride ourselves on designing our lessons to cater for individual interests, strengths and needs. It is important to us that we work in partnership with children and their families so that all children can participate and achieve in our lessons. 

We offer weekly classes on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, school holiday yoga workshops, special events and family yoga sessions just to name a few.

Think that your child may benefit from joining a yoga class - why not try a obligation-free lesson? We are on a mission to share the benefits of yoga with as many children as possible, so call now to book in for a free lesson.

About our teacher: As a mother of two, a Primary School/Early Childhood/Learning and Support Teacher and a Specialist Children's Yoga Teacher, Vanessa knows the importance all children experiencing a sense of calm, peace and relaxation in their busy daily lives. 

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