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Advertisements with “general” copy won’t work as well as ads with “specific” copy that speaks directly to the customer and satisfies their needs. As an example an ad that only says something like “For all your Plumbing needs” within an advert is far too general and won’t work very well. A much better approach is to specifically detail all of the products and services that you are looking to gain enquiry for within the copy of your ad. When the customer reads that you provide the exact service that they require, then you are more likely be contacted by the customer.

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Providing the above details within your copy will help, but it is still not enough with regards to writing a successful advertisement. The aim of your ad is to convince customers that your business is the one that they have been looking for and is worthwhile contacting (and that you get the right enquiries). To do this you must be able to give your potential customers some great reasons to contact you. Assume they have never heard of your business before and know nothing about you. Think to yourself “What are all of the details that I’d like them to know about my business?"

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For example you could start by telling them things like – if your business is licensed, insured, a member of any professional industry associations, what you specialise in, your qualifications, any awards that you have won, how many years of experience in the industry you have and what sets you apart from your competition. Give your customers every legitimate reason that will encourage them to contact and buy from your business. Of course you will need to adapt this to your business and industry but if you do this well then your advertisement should be more successful than most.

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